Owing to our versatile clientele, we have gained outstanding expertise in almost every field of businesses. Our law firm is especially active in legal matters concerning civil law, business law, real estate law and corporate law, where we elaborate the most favorable and most effective legal solutions to the given cases, bearing in mind the interests of our clients to the utmost extent.

Corporate law

Embracing a wide spectrum of corporate law, we complete various requests related to corporate law ranging from setting up limited partnerships and handling the registration of their changes through the numerous corporate issues of limited liability companies to those of joint stock companies. Within this scope, we provide legal consultancy and prepare the documents related to the transformation of companies, the changes in their executives and their internal regulations. We are also well-experienced in carrying out capital increase processes, selling and purchasing business quotas and shares. Furthermore, we undertake the complete due diligence of companies to be acquired, so that our clients should not encounter any problems in their investment later.

Business law


The other main field of expertise of our law firm covers legal representation and consultancy in the field of commercial and economic law, which also includes the preparation of supply contracts, sale and purchase agreements or labor contract, as well as contracts connected to small or large scale investments, together with the related documents and we also provide legal representation at business negotiations..

Real estate law

building-1712699_1280Both individuals and corporations have legal transactions related to real estates. Our firm provides the full range of legal services pertaining to the acquisitions of real estates and related legal acts (e.g., registering usufructs or mortgages or making a real estate free of encumbrances). We assist our clients through consultation in the field of preparing official documents, carrying out negotiations, consultations and settling contractual relationships.

Debt Collection

bank-note-209104_1280_220_165With our vast experience, we provide effective legal assistance regarding the enforcement of demands of our clients who seek the help of a professional partner in order to collect their outstanding receivables by legal means. Within the framework of enforcing demands, we provide complete legal representation for our clients even in the case of procedures of payment order, winding-up or litigation.


supreme-court-546279_1920_220_165We provide legal representation for our clients predominantly in the fields of economic and commercial law, settling legal disputes stemming from certain contractual relationships and damages and the enforcement of indemnifications before and during lawsuits or in the case of out-of-court settlements.